Unbelievably, The Drone Has Captured The Largest Swarm Of Sea turtles Ever Filmed

There have been many times when drones took some astonishing photos, but on some occasions, they also manage to capture images that increase hope in viewers. It’s every drone owner’s dream to take rare pictures and witnessing something great while patrolling the skies.
In 2019, biologist Vanessa, took an amazing picture with the camera while flying her drone over Costa Rica. She found the world’s largest swarm of sea turtles known to be captured on camera until the present time while investigating sea turtles and their reproduction.
On the footage, thousands of turtles can clearly seen, swimming near the Costa Rican coastline and more turtles seem to be rising from the water. Vanessa had a sudden feeling that she managed to capture a very special moment and one aim of her work is to raise awareness about the protection of these species.
The primary concern about the safety of the sea turtles is that the intense tourist activity in the area is affecting their nesting spaces and the turtle’s habitat in a bad way.

She hopes that during her research she will find out why the turtles are present in that area in such a great number, especially during August and October.
Her findings will help conservationists ensure the olive ridley sea turtle’s survival.

“A sea turtle sanctuary in Costa Rica is under threat from over-development and mass-tourism. This video was created to bring awareness to the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge and the challenges it currently faces. The Wildlife Conservation Association is developing programs to protect sea turtles and other wildlife at this site. Our goal is to unite existing efforts in the community to promote sustainable tourism and development in the area. We are currently raising funds to establish a Center that will house all of these activities. “

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