Dog’s Special Graduation Ceremony With Its Family

Alex’s family has been looking forward to having a dog for many years, but they were waiting for the right time to come, and that’s how they welcomed Ollie, a lovable Labrador into their family. Everyone was excited to finally have the dog they longed for so much, and they treated him like one more child, and not the pet of the home.

They got Ollie just as one of their daughters was moving to college, so he became the newest son in the family, and is everyone’s favorite at home. Even family friends often joke about how obsessed they are with the dog. They take their vacations with their dogs every year, and it is not allowed to leave them behind.

Ollie’s older sister Alex commented to The Dodo:

“Ollie has always been treated like another son of my parents. We always joke that it’s his favorite. “

Alex finished college the previous year during the COVID-19 quarantine, and unfortunately his graduation ceremony was canceled due to the pandemic, so the family organized a somewhat special ceremony for him, which pleased everyone at home, already which meant that Ollie could be present.

After taking some photos, Alex and his family realized that he and his sister had graduation photos, but his younger brother, Ollie, had none; And since it can’t be left out of anything the family does, they decided to take some pictures of Ollie with his diploma.

Alex says:

“He is a typical Labrador retriever who loves to carry things, so he was very pleased with himself when we gave him his own diploma to hold for the photo. After a quick photo with the camera, he received many compliments as usual. We took off his hat, but he did not want to return his diploma.

It was a very fun session, that day the family had a lot of fun, and over time Alex forgot Ollie’s graduation photo, until one day he came home and found it hanging on the wall next to his sister’s and yours.

Alex remembers:

“I forgot about the photo until my mom and dad printed my own graduation photos. They decided they didn’t want to leave Ollie out and also printed his photos without telling me. My sister and I laughed a lot when we saw Ollie’s graduation photo on the wall next to ours.

The adorable Labrador is undoubtedly your family’s favorite member, so it’s not uncommon for his graduation photo to be displayed in the living room for all to see. His parents even printed a few copies to give to the family, and of course everyone had a lot of fun watching Ollie with his diploma.

Alex added:

“We hung it at my grandmother’s house along with all the graduation photos of her other grandchildren. She thought it was hilarious and she loves it. Now it is his favorite photo and he shows it to everyone who comes to see it.

Family visitors are really no longer surprised to see the dog among the family photos on the wall. Everyone knows that Alex and his family are obsessed with their dog, and it doesn’t bother them at all, they all enjoy the new occurrences.

Finally Alex said:

They’ve seen it all: Ollie is on our Christmas cards, our clothes, our phone cases… literally everything. All of our friends and family know that they can expect this kind of thing from us by now.

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