Dogs Arrive Panting At The Hospital Chasing The Ambulance That Took Away Their Homeless Owner

Some dogs arrived panting at the hospital where their homeless owner was admitted, moving thousands of people. They had desperately chased the ambulance, hoping to catch up with it.

Last Wednesday, a man named Luiz was admitted to the Santa Casa hospital, located in the city of Cianorte, Brazil, after having suffered a cardiovascular attack.

Although the man did not have a home, he was not completely alone, as his six best dog friends were with him in this time of need and refused to leave his side.

The dogs chased the ambulance that took Luiz to the nearest hospital in the area.


The hospital workers realized how much the puppies loved their owner when they saw them arrive at the hospital agitated and panting, as they had been chasing the ambulance that had taken their owner nonstop and once they arrived at the place they did not take long. turn the emergency entrance into your new home.

Volunteers from Amigos de Patas Cianorte, a non-governmental organization focused on helping animals, were called to the scene to take care of the errant dogs.

Almost at the same time as the ambulance his dogs came up behind.

The volunteers were in charge of feeding the dogs and took some photos of them, while the loyal dogs were up all night, awaiting the return of their owner, safe and sound.

Luiz and his dogs are usually seen on the streets of Cianorte, where the man has lived for at least 20 years and although there have been attempts by several families to find a home for the dog’s owner, he always ends up rejecting offers to share the streets with his pack of friends.

The man was already known on the streets of Cianorte.

“He lives with his cronies and treats them very well, sharing absolutely everything with them,” wrote Friends of Patas Cianorte in a Facebook post.

“That night, he suffered a stroke and his furry friends accompanied him and they stayed crying outside the hospital. They are still there in vigil ”, added the group in its publication.

Day and night the dogs waited outside the hospital.

By the next morning, Luiz was stable and ready to be discharged under the care of his brother, however and as the people of Amigos de Patas Cianorte mentioned, the reunion with their dogs would have to wait a bit. In fact, they had to take him out of the hospital through another door where the dogs would not wait.

Not for an instant did they think of leaving until they saw their owner safe and sound

“The dogs were desperate,” said Simone Ziliane, one of the volunteers of the organization. “On Thursday morning, when the man was discharged and went with his brother through the other door, the dogs remained at the emergency entrance,” added Ziliane.

“One of the volunteers from the NGO had to look for Luiz at his brother’s house to go to where the dogs were, that was the only way to make the dogs leave the place,” said Ziliane.

Luiz and his dogs were finally reunited and his friends proved that not for a second in his mind there was a trace of doubt, they knew that their human would recover and they plan to support him no matter what happens.

This tender story shows that our pets’ love for us is infinite and for them there is no insurmountable obstacle when it comes to showing us their support.

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