Dog Walks A Long Way To Find Woman Who Took Care Of Him

Have you ever heard that the most effective way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? It seems not only true to humans but also for animals. And the dog named Ted in this story is one of the best example.

Ted has been living in the Northwest Territories SPCA shelter in Canada since earlier this year. Shelter animals are often scared of a new environment, and Ted is not an exception. He was so confused and scared of the staff until he met a volunteer who gave him food. Everything started to change for him.
Image Source: Abbey Boyd via CBC News North

Ted had stayed in the shelter for two days when he met Abbey the volunteer. On that day, Abbey took responsibility for taking Ted to go out for a walk. Nevertheless, the little pup was so scared, so he didn’t want to go with the woman. He chose to stay still.
She fed the dog cheese-flavored bacon trip to try to gain his trust.

Realizing that Ted might need more space, Abbey asked the workman to expand Ted’s kennel. After that, she began to do her work. Except for the moment feeding the pup, she didn’t do any communication with him.

The next morning, she went to work at the airport and got back home around 6 a.m. Surprisingly, there was a dog sitting on her deck and barking at her. While she was going to her house, the dog followed her as well. Understanding that the dog was not harmful, she drew him closer to see a nick on his nose. She immediately understood that it was Ted.
Image Source: Google Maps via CBC News North

Abbey called the shelter and they said that Ted was really not in his kennel. So during the time Abbey left the shelter and went to her home.

Ted really had an interesting journey. He trekked from the shelter which was located in an industrial area on the outskirts of the town, and then passed the airport to find Abbey’s house. The surprising thing was that Ted had never been to the house before, so it was surprising that he actually found it.
Image Source: Abbey Boyd via CBC News North

Abbey decided to welcome Ted to her warm family. Because her current home didn’t allow pets, she had to move into a new place so that both of them could live happily together.

They have a strong bond with each other now.
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