Dog That Was About To Be Euthanized Can’t Stop Shaking But A Miracle Happens

A poor dog was about to be sacrificed, her condition was very bad that she could not stop shaking when they passed her. But luckily, her story took a huge turn for the better.

Unfortunately, every day many puppies are euthanized for the wrong reasons. Others, with a little more luck, manage to be saved from that sad end that would forever extinguish its light on earth.

Mocha is one of those little lights that managed to stay on. The dog was abandoned at the Rowan Country Animal Shelter in Salisbury, California.

When the dog arrived at the shelter she was almost malnourished and full of fleas.


The sweet dog was in the corridor of death, scared and with little hope, her only salvation was that someone gave her the opportunity to take her home, and free her from a tragic end that was about to happen in a few days.

Mocha’s life has not been easy at all, her past has left her so marked that she is a bit shy, she can even tremble when some people pass very close to her.

Mocha is one and a half years old and is a pit bull mix.

In an attempt to help Mocha, Albina Albiie Chanel, who is a volunteer at the shelter, shared a touching letter with a photo of the dog so depressed that thousands of people reacted to the post.

Mocha was abandoned in the shelter along with her little sister.

But it is the core of the letter that stirred the hearts of all doggy lovers. The letter begins like this:

“Dear humans, as I sit here on death row totally defeated, I hope my cubs have at least one better life than mine.”

I sit here, I’m so scared waiting to be sacrificed. You see, I’m only one year old. I haven’t had a good life at all… I shiver so much in my kennel that people just walk past me. I can’t help it, humans haven’t been kind to me. Tried to be brave for my photos today, but couldn’t even get up. I tried and I think the girls who were with me knew I was trying, ”she continues.

These lines undoubtedly sensitize the hardest heart. In it, it is clear that the dog is only waiting for the final day. It is also a reflection to question our actions towards these vulnerable animals. Do they deserve so much suffering?

Since he arrived, he occupied cage number five in the shelter.

Mocha, she was just a fearful dog who wanted with all her heart that someone would help her to face her fears, in order to adapt to a new life. Fortunately, the poignant lines took effect and someone approached the shelter to rescue Mocha and her little sister.

The post went viral in record time.

Albina thanks all the people who showed interest in offering a second chance to a dog who just needed a little love.

“She is on her way to her foster home now and we are going to keep up with her and post as she blooms. Thank you all again for all your kindness.

Although it is a foster home, we hope it conquers the hearts of its new adoptive parents and they want to keep it forever. This story should serve to raise awareness and awareness about how hard it can be for a puppy to overcome so much past suffering. As profound as your life may change, we wish you never had to go through something like this.

Remember that the life of a puppy is as valuable as a person gives it, they do not deserve to go through so much suffering when they are able to give so much love.

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