Dog Saves A Frozen Kitten About To Die In The Snow

There is a belief that has been established in society that cats and dogs are recognized as natural enemies. According to this approach, reinforced in popular animated cartoons, these two species cannot get along.

But there is nothing further from reality, dogs and cats can be the best of friends and we have verified this through social networks and in our daily lives. The truth is that animals do know how to love the other without conditions, in their noble hearts there is no room for differences.

This case shows us, once again, that there can be a special bond of love and friendship between dogs and cats, but, above all, it reveals the empathy of animals when someone is in danger.

Although the details of the events are not known, the moment in which a dog saves an unfortunate kitten from dying of hypothermia in the snow was captured on video, where he was completely unprotected.

The owner of the adorable dog heard noises coming from her garden, when she went out to see what was happening she realized that her pet was dragging a poor kitten to her kennel.

That day, the temperature was below zero, the cat, which had been exposed to the freezing snow, began to freeze. It couldn’t survive in those conditions, so every second counted in offering help to the helpless kitten.

But just in time to prevent him from having the worst outcome, the dog acted to help him. With great care, the dog dragged the little feline to the only place where he knew it could stay warm and safe: “his kennel.”

Definitely the scenes remind us that the nature of animals is to be kind and supportive and they will reinforce it from the example they learn from their family. The video has been reproduced almost 200 thousand times and has generated many comments from those who admire not only the gesture of the dog but the kindness of its owner.

Human beings have a lot to learn from our pets, behind their actions there are valuable life lessons that tell us about true solidarity, doing good without expecting anything in return and looking at others with the eyes of the soul.

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