Dog Rescues A Kitten That Had Fallen Into The Water And About To Drown By Carrying Him On His Back

This story is well known, so much so that children’s movies have even been made about it, dogs and cats are and will always be enemies. Except when they are raised together or live on a farm. The fact is that there are many breeds of dogs that have a certain special hostility towards cats. But a joint breeding can dissipate any kind of confrontation between the two species of pets.

Although it seems that there is also a loyalty that goes beyond whether they know each other or not. At least we can conclude that by watching a video that became very popular in 2018, and that today has resurfaced. The scene of less than 30 seconds starts with a somewhat desperate scene. A kitten, quite young from what can be seen in the video, has fallen into what appears to be a fountain. He tries to swim to get closer to the surface, but between the fact that the water is not his strong suit and that he is too far away, as well as the simple fact that he is too busy staying afloat, means that the kitten cannot get out of the water.

The kitten’s initial reaction to meeting the puppy is understandable, seeing his desperation, he scratches it. Perhaps understanding what the little kitten was going through, the dog insists on staying by his side. Noticing that the cat cannot get out on his own, the puppy makes a desperate decision, he jumps into the water next to the kitten. Offering him his back, he allows the cat to perch on top of him. With this extra height, the puppy gets closer to the surface, giving the cat enough advantage to get out of the water.

Once he’s out, the cat quickly throws himself onto the concrete, happy to be out of his much-hated water. Then comes the question of how the dog will get out of the water. But there is no need to worry, the puppy manages to do it himself. The truth is that we see here a great point in favor of dog fans, once outside, the kitten did not even consider returning his great savior’s hand. But you have to empathize with the kitten. After the big scare he got, he must still be too scared and concerned for his health to react.

Below you can see the video where a kitten is rescued by a puppy:


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