Dog Makes Friends With The Hairiest Dogs In The Nursery So She Can Use Them As Pillows

Edna has no problem socializing with other dogs or taking advantage of his cute face to make the rest of her animal friends her pillows.

Edna is a very friendly dog. Since she was a little newborn dog, Edna got close to other animals and thanks to her beautiful and cute little face, she made new friends every day.

And when Edna started going to a kennel while her owners worked, things stayed the same. It didn’t matter if the dogs were gigantic and intimidating or smaller than her, Edna always approached with a smile and ended up befriending anyone.

But as innocent as she may seem, this dog does not make all these friends because she does, she has a hidden intention.

And if there is something she likes more than making new friends, this is sleeping. And if you can sleep with your new friends – or on top of them – all the better.

No matter the size of her friend, or whether or not he agrees to be used as a pillow, Edna will simply sleep where she likes best, on top of whoever seems most comfortable.

“All the dogs seem to enjoy the company of snuggling,” Brianna Gottfried, one of Edna’s family members, told The Dodo. “Even the little dogs.”

When she was a puppy, it was definitely easier to use other dogs for napping but even now that she’s older Edna refuses to stop. She loves to snuggle and loves to use the nursery as an opportunity to do it as much as she can.

When it’s finally time to go at the end of the day, Edna is usually still sound asleep with one of her friends, and it takes a bit of effort to wake her up and take her home again.
“When it’s time to go home, I always have to get her from another dog,” said Gottfried.

Edna loves to play, and when she can’t do it anymore, she loves to nap, and all of her friends at her nursery are more than happy to help her do that.

And while this cute dog sleeps soundly, her many photos sleeping on other dogs have transformed her into a celebrity on social media, where thousands of people enjoy her carefree way of seeing life, sleeping anywhere and making new friends to snuggle with.

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