Dog Is Arrested For Driving With Excess Of Cuteness

The other day, while passing through Heidelberg West, Australia, two local policemen spotted something quite unusual. He was a very “cool” dog riding in a small car.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes,” Officer Lynda Giblett told the Herald Sun, adding, “Of course we had to stop and check.”

The little furry driver was arrested.

“Caught driving under the influence of cuteness,” wrote the police department.

Of course, the dog was not driving alone. Nearby, controlling the car, was its owner. Turns out, there was a perfectly good explanation for why the dog was walking without a license.

Buddy, as the puppy is called, is an older dog who is deaf and blind. His owner got him the car so he could still enjoy the fresh air that he used to get during their walks together.

Only now, Buddy does it in style.

Evidently, the officers decided to let little Buddy go with just one warning, perhaps, never to stop being so adorable.

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