Dog Helps Her Street Artist Dad

No matter where you are, it is always unique and fun to see these artists on the streets that do not stop drawing our attention. We are talking about human statues, which at first glance do not appear to be real people.

To make this form of street art that dates back to medieval times, it takes many hours of creative preparation, great patience, physical control and stamina.

And when you think that there is nothing that can be more impressive than people who are perfectly transformed into monuments, wait to learn the story of Yorge Luís Ruiz and his dog Jaspe.
This Venezuelan street artist has been perfecting his art for almost four years since he moved to Fortaleza, Brazil.

He has served as a living statue to entertain passersby, but there is a special addition to his routine that sets him apart from other human statues and has earned him worldwide recognition.

Jasper is the best companion one could wish for: not only does she accompany Yorge on a daily basis to work, but she really helps him in his act. The dog must be a natural talent as not only does her brown coat match Yorge’s coppery fisherman outfit, but she instinctively freezes during the performance just like her dad.

There must be some magic involved, as Ruiz admits that he never trained Jasper and that an incredible act happened naturally when he kissed Jasper’s neck.

Jaspe’s performance is deserving of an Oscar, and they have been drawing the attention of people living off the busy streets of Brazil, when a video of the duo made by the Ceará State Secretary of Culture went viral on the Internet with 2.84 million visits on Twitter.
Yorge wrote:

“We thank Brazilians very much every day for enjoying our work. We are overwhelmed by all the positive feedback we are receiving at this time.

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