Dog Guards His Precious Toys While They Dried

Since Mika was a puppy, he has always been protective of his toys.

“Mika has a very strong sheepdog demeanor, especially when it comes to looking after things,” said Vanessa, whose family Mika owns. “If we finish washing clothes and accidentally drop a pair of socks, he will steal them and take them to his bed, and he will not let anyone get near them.”

Mika is so gentle with her stuffed animals that they tend to last a long time, and over the years she has created a great collection. He spends most of his time cuddling them, and occasionally plays with them, but is careful to make sure that he never damages one of their precious toys.

Recently, Mika’s family noticed that their stuffed animals had become a bit dirty and smelly, but separating Mika from his collection long enough to wash them seemed impossible.

Until one day, Mika went out for a walk and her mother took the opportunity to give her toys the scrub they desperately needed. And, when Mika returned, he didn’t even need to enter his house to know that he had been betrayed.

“When he came back through the back door with my dad, he immediately walked onto the grass and looked up at the clothesline,” Vanessa said. “After looking at my mother, and then back on the clothesline, she put her butt on the floor and started her watch.”

Mika’s firm expression as she protects her toys said it all.

Mika refused to go in without her precious toys. Instead, he chose to sit on the patio and protect them while they dried.

Vanessa shared the sweet photo on Reddit and wrote, “My mother washed all of the dog’s stuffed animals. And now she won’t go in the house without them.”

Once Mika was finally reunited with his toys, he happily went back to being playful, and started getting them dirty again.

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