Dog Gets On Two Legs To Ring The Doorbell For His Human Parents To Open It

There is no doubt that many animals have an intelligence that often leaves us open-mouthed. Some think it is domestication and others that it is imitation, but in the end it is the same. In fact, many have shown to have much more reasoning than the human being himself. This topic has been debated for many years, but with increasing agreement on this intellectual development.

This adorable puppy is a clear example of all this. They recorded him standing on two legs, and ringing the doorbell of his house so that his human parents would open the door for him. The little dog was coming back from playing in the street. More and more pets understand the basics. That is, meal times, game dynamics, walks and where to go to the bathroom, etc. However, Eotvos Lorand University would have revealed a recent study where dogs are identified as ‘geniuses’.

Dogs would have the same ability to recognize and learn as a three-year-old. Sure we can’t ask them to write a science essay, but at least it shows their ability to learn. Now we understand why this little dog is able to ring the doorbell of his house. This puppy was recorded by a Brazilian woman who was driving, and it is something that is rarely seen in dogs. In social networks there are many videos of puppies that have human behaviors, but it is clear that this dog is one step ahead.

The video has gone viral all over the internet and has sparked a lot of comments, everyone laughing and loving the sweet dog. Apparently, according to some users, it looks like a beagle breed. «Guys, only here in Mato Grosso you will see a dog ringing the bell, okay? It’s true. I can not believe. Ring the doorbell to get in, “says the woman recording the video. And once you ring the doorbell, you just wait for someone in your family to open it for you. As if it were the most normal thing in this world, his human parents open the door for him and he enters like any other child who returns from playing with his friends.

Below you can see the funny video of the puppy ringing the doorbell of his house:


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