Discover In The Back Of A Shop, A Sleeping Dog That Had Been Abandoned

It is no secret to anyone that enduring strong heatwaves can have serious consequences if the necessary measures are not taken. If many people are affected by high temperatures, imagine a stray who cannot call for help and is at the mercy of the will of good-hearted people who know that he is suffering without a place to rest or hydrate.

The average temperature of a puppy is 39 degrees.

Recently, Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada, from northern Mexico, witnessed the purest and most sincere demonstration of love that someone could perform with a homeless puppy.

The man headed to a store after noticing that he had run out of some supplies in his pantry. Ahumada decided to get out of the comfort of her home and face the temperature of 60º C to make a quick purchase at the nearest local supermarket.

On a hot day, a puppy’s temperature can exceed 42 degrees.

When he got to the store he noticed that a stray dog ​​was being fed by an employee. Smoked, curious, she decided to ask the young man who was helping the canine about the puppy. The adorable furry came looking for help after his owner abandoned him in the back of the store, the employees decided to give him water, food and some toys that they all bought so that the puppy can have fun while they work.

Dogs do not shed sweat on their skin but on the pads of their paws.

The employee comments that they let him in because the temperature outside is very high and they would feel bad if something happened to the puppy. After all, he seems to be much happier than when he arrived. Ahumada toured the store and noticed that the puppy was resting comfortably in one of the aisles of the store. At last, he had found a place where people showed interest in him.

In heat waves, a puppy can suffer from hypertemia, raising its body temperature drastically.

The little dog has proven to be very kind to employees and customers. The store hopes that one day a buyer will come along and want to adopt it. Ahumada regrets not being able to be that person, but trusts that soon someone can offer her a real home. For now, the puppy continues to enjoy the attention of the employees until the day comes to leave with his new family.

Go ahead and be part of those who give love to the most vulnerable, share the note and make a just cause for stray dogs.

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