Good Ending Story Of A Mother Owl Who Always Wanted Children But Only Suffered

Nature gives us wonderful scenes, and a mother owl had the best moment by definitively fulfilling her dream of being a mother. This, after suffering several losses and not seeing her eggs hatch in years.
The emotional video of this owl comes thanks to Robert E. Fuller.


“Not only did her eggs fail to hatch this year, but she also lost her clutch last year,” wrote Robert E. Fuller, a British wildlife rehabilitator.

The bird’s name is Luna and she lives in the rehabilitation center, but for a long time she has lost her postures and with sadness she had to accept that her eggs did not hatch.

However, this year life and Robert himself have fulfilled her great illusion and, after several losses, the owl receives between her wings a pair of chicks that she is determined to love as her own.

At the rehabilitation center, a pair of baby owls were left homeless by the death of their mother.

At that moment, Robert thought that Luna was the one to watch over the pair of chicks.

Not knowing their reaction, the man decided to introduce the birds into the nest and wait for the owl to return to the site. To know what was happening he installed a camera inside, but the matter got out of control in a positive way.

Luna couldn’t contain her excitement as she entered the nest.

The owl ran quickly to the chicks as soon as she saw them and adopted them as her own, it was evident that she was excited by the surprise.

After this, Robert posted the video on the internet and users fell in love with such an emotional moment.

The days go by in the shelter with the tranquility and emotion generated by the adoption.

Now Luna enjoys the growth and love of her adopted children and everyone is confident that the family has a promising future ahead of them.

“This means that after a long wait, Luna, the tawny owl, is finally a mother.

The mother, Luna, is very tender with her adoptive chicks. They have been with her for almost a week and are thriving,” Fuller wrote.

This wildlife enthusiast lives in Yorkshire, UK, and runs a protection project with the refuge from there. But on top of that, he’s the manager of ‘Live from Fotherdale’.

It is a live channel, from which bird lovers enjoy the daily life of the species safeguarded in the refuge.

From there, many users on the networks have closely followed the case of Luna, the mother owl who had suffered in recent years for not seeing her eggs hatch.

That is why the news of the adoption of the chicks has excited so many people.

Thanks to these networks, people connect and see closely the day to day of this family. Although they belong to different species, the owl lady lovingly adopted the owls.

So, if you are a lover of bird watching, you will surely be interested in seeing Luna’s daily life.

Without a doubt, this little animal gives a lesson in kindness to the world, by giving selfless love to creatures.

Hopefully people who are interested in his story recognize the example behind the case and know how to put the moral of this story into practice for their lives.

Once again nature shows us how wise it is and we are happy to know that there are people like Robert Fuller who protect wildlife and also do their best to inspire others.

Bravo, Luna, now you have the family you wanted so much.

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