Desperate Homeless Man Tearfully Pleads For A Home For His Dog That Depends On Him

Certainly, many times the things we receive in life we ​​take for granted. And now, in full confinement, even having a roof to stay in may seem like no luxury. However, for so many people and homeless streets, yes it is.

That is why the drama of all beings: human and hairy, who due to the scourge of poverty and social injustice, are forced to wander the streets, amid hunger and loneliness, is a harsh reality that we do not can leave indifferent. As common as it is in our eyes.

One of the countries where these heartbreaking scenes abound every day is Brazil.

It is the story that has recently moved enormously on social networks, causing a wave of reactions.

It is about a poor homeless man, who has made enormous efforts to take care of his dog, his companion of adventures and miseries.

It was a woman, Eliane Rocha, a resident of Santos, Brazil, and an animal lover, who when she saw him on the street could not help but be moved and stopped to talk with the man. He related his story on his social network, where it did not take long to go viral.

She said that the puppy has lived with the man for 2 years when he was just a puppy. He always did everything to get food for both of them, but now with the shortage of tourists, he no longer knows what to do to take care of his dog as he deserves and is truly devastated.

He has come to think that the fairest thing for the puppy is to give him the opportunity to get a home where he is loved and does not be hungry, but just thinking about it breaks his heart.

This is the image of the good man that Eliane shared on social networks

“This man lives on the street and when I passed him (in front of) he asked me to take his dog because he had no more conditions to take care of (I have a dog and two cats, without the condition of getting more),” Eliane wrote in its publication.

«The little dog is not neutered, it is very playful. He keeps him with a collar because otherwise he can be run over, he has no notion of danger. He wants to give the puppy to someone else, for whom he really knows how to care and give love. He even cried, I was very sorry for the two of them, “Eliane added.

The really sad thing is that the little dog knows no more human than the homeless man, and it is his entire life. And in the case of separation, the man knows that the furry would suffer a lot, but he has no other option.

Eliane has asked that they write to her through a message on her social profile, in case someone interested in adopting the puppy comes up. It would break the heart of this poor tramp, but he would be happy for his spoiled.

That a person with such a good heart has to find himself between a rock and a hard place breaks our souls. Don’t leave without sharing to help him fulfill his hard wish.

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