“Dear Mom, Do not feel guilty – A Letter From A Puppy Who Was Never Adopted

The letter has been for centuries that genre in which the most intimate feelings are transmitted, lines that narrate memories of a story or the infinite nostalgia of something that never happened.

Through a letter, the deep feeling of loneliness of many puppies that cross the rainbow without having known the true love of a family has been revealed.

The dog believed to be dead reappears


The user Lupis Animalista shared an emotional text on the networks that has moved Internet users around the world: a letter from a dog that was never adopted.

Reading the first lines it is almost impossible not to shudder when realizing the reality of many homeless puppies.

“Dear Mama,

My journey ends here. Don’t worry, when I died I didn’t feel pain. I felt very lonely and sad. But in the end, I got used to being alone. I spent so much time in this cage, that I ended up hating these four walls. I think it was bad luck. I have never asked myself why life has given me all this pain. Maybe it was fate.”

The young woman with the text wanted to be the voice of all the furry ones who do not have the opportunity to be loved, who do not manage to penetrate the hearts of potential adopters because they do not belong to their race, because they look different, because they are older, or simply, because they are not those puppies that they idealized.

“Dear mom, I don’t want you to feel guilty.

I just want you to know that I was there when you were looking for a furry friend. I wish you hadn’t decided to pick up that adorable, cuddly puppy at the pet store. I wish someone had shown you the right path to follow until you got to where I was. I wish you would have visited my kennel and chosen me instead of that beautiful purebred puppy from your friend’s business. When you thought about wanting a dog wagging its tail at your front door waiting for you to come home, I wanted you to know that I would have done this and much more for you.

When you were looking for a dog to spread out at your feet while lounging on the couch, that dog could have been me. When you were looking for a dog to go to climb the highest mountains, I would have been able to be your best option. I would have wanted you to know that I could have been everything you were looking for.”

Unfortunately, there are many puppies that, although they are rescued from the streets, spend months, even years in kennels.

For them, it is far from waking up their favorite person by putting their paws on the bed, or running around while playing with a toy.

They are no longer on the streets, but many die without knowing the love of a family. The rest of the letter reads:

“Dear mom, it’s not your fault. I know that there was a mother out there waiting for me and that mother would have had to be you. Only we have never met. Perhaps we have never met because there are many like me and so few like you. A mother should know where to look but mothers too can sometimes make mistakes. I wish you hadn’t been wrong.

Dear mother, don’t be sorry. Do not Cry.

Last night, when I fell asleep, I think I dreamed of you. You came in front of my cage, opened the door, and took me for a walk. Then we took a ride in the car that took me to your house and I lay in bed with my eyes open to see everything there was to see. I know how you are, how you perfume, I know the sound of her voice and the color of your hair. You haven’t met me, but that’s fine. I’m not special at all. i’m just a dog

The one that could have been your dog.

Dear mom, I’m sorry I never told you where I lived.

I thought you knew it.

Today I died happy…

While trying to wake up I felt your voice calling me, and it was the sweetest sound I have ever heard.

Adopting a puppy is the best way to save his life. Be that instrument of light and love that you need so much.

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