Dad Sleeps With An Older Dog On The Couch To Keep Him Company

Many people are willing to do what is in their power to achieve the well-being of their dogs, and although this implies some sacrifices, the important thing is to ensure that they have a happy life, as shown by a dad who sleeps on the sofa to accompany your old dog.

Catherine Morris and her family decided to adopt a puppy named Spike more than nine years ago with the intention of providing him with a loving home.

At the time, the initial idea was that the dog should remain on the first floor of the house, but Spike had other intentions on his mind. Quickly, the cuddly dog ​​let them know that he would be the number one fan to share a bed with his family, and nothing would stop him.


Adorable Spike
Instagram/ spikethespringe

Catherine told The Dodo:

“The first night we had him, we closed the staircase door and went to bed. He whimpered for a couple of minutes before jumping over the door in the dark and jogging into my parents’ room and going straight to bed! And that’s where he slept from that moment on.

Spike en la cama
Instagram/ spikethespringe

Spike always proved to be a very energetic dog, he loved to run for hours and chase the tennis ball everywhere. But at night, when it was time to rest, he always climbed the stairs to share a bed with his family and sleep snuggled among them.

Papá duerme con mascota
Instagram/ spikethespringe

Now Spike is 14 years old and as the days go by, his movements slow down and prevent him from doing different activities.

On one occasion, his parents were very scared because they thought they would lose him after suffering two strokes, but Spike was not ready to leave.

Catherine y mascota
Instagram/ spikethespringe

Sadly, after suffering the second stroke, Spike couldn’t stand up, but his family decided to help him move around the house to cheer him up. Spike had an unshakable inner strength, so with a lot of effort he learned to walk on his own again.

Spike relajado
Instagram/ spikethespringe

But, despite all his efforts, the dog still did not have the strength to go up and down the stairs safely. For this reason, his family decided to block access to his favorite place, because they knew that he would do anything to get there.

Spike atrapando pelotas
Instagram/ spikethespringe

So that Spike would not take risks when climbing the stairs with his legs weakened, the family installed a door in the stairs to avoid any danger. The dog was very sad that he could not go to his favorite place, but they had a great idea to make Spike feel better.

Papá duerme con perro mayor
Imagen | Catherine Morris

The dog’s family decided to alternate sleeping on the couch next to him, to make sure he wouldn’t jump the door and keep him company.

Catherine commented:

“This new routine started while I was in college, so my parents spent alternate nights downstairs with Spike. Since I moved home, I joined the rotation so we can sleep a little more between the three of us.

Papá duerme con perro
Imagen | Catherine Morris

Without a doubt, the most dedicated is Spike’s father, as he takes special care to make sure his old friend is comfortable. The man takes good care of him, brings him water, food and feeds him with his hand to make sure he gets all the necessary nutrients.

Catherine added:

They are absolutely inseparable. My dad calls it ‘old bean’ and they’re always chatting.

Spike sentado
Instagram/ spikethespringe

It is evident that Spike’s family will do everything possible to make him happy for the rest of his life, he knows it and he will love them until the end of his days.

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