Cruel Man Took Advantage Of His Dog’s Loyalty And Abandoned Him

Dogs are extremely loving animals that create a beautiful bond with their owners. This is why abandoning them is very hard for them, since they are always waiting for them to come back for them.

A man recently abandoned a dog in a way that broke the hearts of many online. You have to be quite insensitive to leave an innocent animal to its fate after assuming the commitment to watch over it.

No dog deserves to suffer such abandonment, they offer us their love and loyalty unconditionally, we are the most important thing in their world and having one as a pet is a great responsibility.

The dog is completely healthy and has a playful and obedient character.

In Russia a man arrived with a beautiful German shepherd, and on the side of the road he asked him to sit down and stay there.

The dog obeyed him without hesitation, and stood there waiting patiently for his owner to come back for him. However, the man never came back. He was taking advantage of the dog’s enormous loyalty to him so he could get rid of him.

Everything happened in the vicinity of a restaurant and the employees witnessed it.

People in the restaurant gave the little dog food and water every day, and soon a woman named Elena Kniazeva heard the sad story and wanted to do something to help the little dog. They called him Luke, and began to get close to him to gain his trust.

The dog was very loving, but despite the fact that more than a week had passed, he refused to move to continue complying with the order of the owner who abandoned him.

Dog abandonment statistics in Russia are alarming. In Moscow alone there are more than 35,000 puppies on the street.

Elena knew how to win Luke’s heart and eventually convinced him to go with her. Elena moved him to a shelter where the friendly dog soon made new friends.

Despite what he had suffered, he did not stop trusting human beings and thanked those who offered him help when he needed it most.

Despite high rates of abandonment, Russians often offer temporary shelter to stray dogs in the colder months.

At first he arrived a little scared, but he turned out to be a very social dog and managed to get along very well with the other dogs. Within hours he became best friends with Dennis, another dog that had been rescued by Elena.

Dennis had been found on a construction site with an injured leg while crying for help.

Luke’s life changed completely. After spending a week without moving from the place where his owner had abandoned him, with all the activity of the shelter he seemed like a new dog. But the best was yet to come.

Luke and Dennis are four years old.


His story was spread through the media, and within days he found someone he wanted to be a part of his household.

Meredith Andrew decided to adopt him along with his dear friend Dennis, and now Cause 4 Paws Toronto is doing all the paperwork for the happy friends to move to their new home in Canada.

The trip to Canada has an estimated cost of 2,000 dollars and they have recently managed to raise that amount.

The sad days are over for these two cute puppies and now they will be able to have a loving family that will not vilely abandon them.

Luke began a new life, the sad past he lived was left behind to make way for the happiness of sharing with a family that truly loves him and with a dog that became his life partner.

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