Couple Walking In The Snow Understands The Signs Of A Distraught Mom Begging For Help

Corey and Kat is a couple who loves to enjoy the snow. They were both out on a motorcycle ride through Utah’s beautiful snowy mountains when they spotted a fluffy white dog in the distance.

It seemed to be a Great Pyrenees. At first, the couple doubted if it belonged to someone local or if it was lost, so they decided to investigate a little more, just to avoid overlooking an irregular situation.

Seeing this dog in the distance, in the middle of nowhere, indicated to Corey and Kat that things were not right.

Corey and Kat are animal lovers, so they gladly took on the mission. At a glance, they could tell that the dog had recently had puppies.

If so, they were determined to do whatever it took to save and find the young. It was too cold and they were in a very remote place for them to survive a climate like that.

Three puppies were waiting for a little help with their mother

Corey and Kat eventually found the three cubs several miles away from the nearest paved road. The most surprising thing was not imagining how they got there, but how they managed to stay alive.

The couple discovered with great bewilderment that the puppies had adopted a sheep carcass as their den. Only bones and wool remained of that poor animal. Perhaps it was useful to protect themselves from the cold, but how did they get some food?

All the dogs were hungry, wet and shivering with cold, as if they were small balls of ice.

It was clear that the canine family had been eating everything they could find outside in the icy mountain air, using the remains of the dead sheep as shelter.

If you wonder how it could have happened that a family of dogs ended up in these conditions, rescuers have a theory that could be quite close to what really happened.

They believe that the mother was protecting a flock of sheep in the mountains during the summer, which is typical of the Great Pyrenees breed.

These little ones survived using the remains of wool and bones of a sheep as shelter

The dog was probably already pregnant by this time, so when the rancher went to pick up his herd, it was likely that her grazing animal had escaped, being forced to give birth to her puppies in the middle of nowhere.

Corey and Kat were definitely in the right place at the right time to do this incredible rescue … Can you imagine what could have happened to this family if the cold was raw and this couple had not intervened?

Now the three little ones are out of the mountains

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