Couple Spend More Than 35 thousand Dollars To Not Leave Behind Their Dog 15-year-old Dog

Pets become part of anyone’s life and that is why a dog named Karta came to play a fundamental role in the daily life of a couple who was able to spend more than $35,000 not to lose her.

This is a story of solidarity and commitment, values that many lack when they decide to leave their furry one behind.

Karta is a 15-year-old dog with some mobility problems due to her age.

The golden retriever lived in Hong Kong, along with her human mother Maggie Hocongue and her husband. The small family led a quiet and happy life, until a job offer shook reality for everyone.

Maggie had found her dream job in Dublin, Ireland and she wasn’t about to turn it down as it was something she had always fought for. However, the move involved a risk for Karta.

Due to her age, the woman did not know if the dog would endure so many hours of flight.

It is no secret to anyone that on airplanes pets travel in holds that are not comfortable for them. In addition to the cases of negligence that some airlines charge, in which pets do not receive the minimum attention to cope with the flight.

Spending hours locked up in a moving kennel without seeing your family represents a challenge for any animal. Many can do it and it is the most normal thing, but in the case of Karta her health did not allow it.

The dog’s life was at risk to embark on a journey in this way.

Both Maggie were aware of the dangers, so at first they thought of making a painful sacrifice for love: they would leave Karta in her country, in the care of good friends who would know how to take care of her.

However, after weighing the option, the couple could not fool themselves: the dog meant a lot to them and they were not willing to give it away.

Maggie did not want to be separated from her, she had been by Karta’s side for more than a decade and it was already her family.

Although many owners get rid of their pets when faced with situations like these, the couple did not and instead decided to make another great sacrifice. In order for Karta to travel with them, Maggie raised the necessary money for another great adventure.

After consulting with the dog’s veterinarian, they knew that there were other options and the most feasible was a private flight. From that moment the spouses began to work on it.

This couple spent a significant sum of money in order not to move away from Karta.

The woman revealed that the feat had a cost of more than 35,000 dollars. A money that obviously would have served them to start their new life in Ireland and establish themselves with all the comforts, but they would not be happy without Karta by her side.

Although the beginning in that foreign country would be more difficult, it was an adventure that they would undertake all together and no matter what sacrifices they had to make.

For Maggie, the love and company of her dog came first.

During the hours that the flight lasted, Karta could be reassured by her owners and, although she was a little nervous, seeing Maggie by her side allowed her to control herself.

The family landed in Ireland without any complications and, after calming the dog’s nerves, they were all ready to face life together.

At the end of the day, this woman thinks that the money can be recovered, but Karta would never have been able to, so she feels satisfied with her decision and motivates pet owners not to abandon them under any circumstances.

They also suffer from our rejection and abandonment, please value them and make them immensely happy.

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