Chihuahua Puppy Seeks Help For Elderly Owner Who Suffered A Stroke At Home And Saves His Life

Smart and communicative, dogs tend to surprise us, as happened recently with Bubu, a Chihuahua puppy who saved the life of her adoptive father from a near-fatal stroke during a family vacation.

According to the WCTI portal, Bubu lives in North Carolina (USA) with his retired tutor, former Marine Veteran Rudy Armstrong.

About a month ago, the elderly man was sunbathing with the Chihuahua until he felt a very strong pain in the region of his head and soon passed out on the floor. Before he completely blacked out, Rudy even tried to contact a friend through his phone, but the pain was too intense and he couldn’t stand it.

Desperate about her owner’s plight, Bubu began to lick him over and over, hoping to keep him conscious.
As he told the ‘Wapa’ portal, Rudy found himself “with no choice but to tell the little dog that he was very sick” and needed help as soon as possible: “I need help, go find Kim” were the last words of retired elderly person before becoming unconscious.

Smart and proactive, the furry did not think twice: she ran to the house next door, where she contacted Brandy Popp (Kim) to ask for help to the fainting neighbor.

Bubu stared into the man’s eyes, as if he wanted to convey a life-or-death message. And it worked: Kim ran to his friend’s house and found him on the ground, unconscious.

“She walked over and instead of her usual barking, jumping and licking, she stopped in front of me and acted cautiously,” Kim said.

Apprehensive, the boy decided to give the dog a vote of confidence and followed her, thus being able to help his unconscious friend, rushing him to the nearest hospital.

Hours later, Rudy regained consciousness and suffered no aftereffects. Days later, he was ready to go home, of course, in the company of his faithful and smart little dog. Bubu was elevated to heroin on social media – deservedly so. She received a tribute from the medical team who helped her father and many goodies. With a puppy like that, anyone feels safer, right?

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