Charming Jaguar Twins In Nature Park Loro Parque (Video Inside)

My cat will play in the rain but scared if I flick a drop of water on him.
Also, it touched my heart watching the jaguar’s back legs kicking through the water correctly. Imagine being blessed to witness these big cats’ daily life as a job. To care for and promote the conservation of some of the most stunning animals on earth and have fun doing it. What an amazing life that is.

Its sad but also fascinating how wild animals can detect abnormality in their offspring’s and decide to leave them than raising them as they would be a vulnerable to any danger in the wild. Aww seeing this little baby makes me wanna go find the first baby jaguar and just give it a fluffy hug. When I was a little girl, I asked my dad for a jaguar. Dad said, ask me again when you turn 18. Dad was smart enough to know I would discover boys before then. He was able to tell me no without telling me no. Still think jaguars are gorgeous.

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