Cat Watches The Last Video Of His Deceased Owner And Ends Up Hugging The Cell Phone

There are those who dare to say that animals do not have feelings or do not feel, but this video will shut the mouth of several.

Users on Facebook shared the same feeling of a little kitten, who could not help but break when he saw the images of his former adoptive father on his cell phone.

The animal did not care that it was recorded and expressed his feelings as such after endless memories passed through his head when he saw the emotional video.

The feline little by little began to collapse until his body could not take it anymore and ended up falling on the mobile phone while he embraces it with a tenderness never seen.

The emotional images have gone viral on social networks and has reached 30 million views, making it clear that people feel identified with the kitten when they lose a loved one.

Facebook users, as a result of the sad video, have begun to ask about the feline to find out if it is up for adoption or not, but so far they have not found any answer.

We hope this beautiful kitten is well.

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