Cat is heartbroken upon being returned to the shelter for the third time

Not all furry friends are lucky enough to find a true family that loves them and accepts them as they are. Others, unfortunately, go through unfortunate episodes to find the right family.

This is the story of Oscar, an adorable kitten who has returned to Burton’s RSCPA shelter for the third time. His last family came to the shelter very excited to adopt him after the team and several people shared on the hammocks that the feline was looking for a new home.

Oscar is a 10 year old kitten.

The family arrived at the shelter and Oscar had been returned twice without their owners giving any further reasons.
His caregivers were happy that this family was interested, after all, this was the third opportunity for Oscar who, even happier, left with his new owners. However, the disappointment came quickly when the family showed up at the shelter a few months later to return the kitten.

Shelter employees, in turn, did not believe in the misery of the kitten, ‘they say that ‘Oscar is a very affectionate and playful feline’. Through its Facebook page, Burton’s RSCPA commented:
“Oscar is in his third season with us since September. Having been brought back due to his (sometimes aggressive) nature.”

The whole team was surprised, ‘they couldn’t believe that such a cute kitten wouldn’t fit in a family. They explained that the cat does not have an unusual personality and that since he stayed at the shelter, they had never noticed anything unusual about him.

The shelter staff doesn’t know what upset the last family.

As strange as it may seem, this kitten is not a curmudgeon. Although he often likes to be expressive with his meows. He wants to get the staff’s attention by gently bringing his head close to them to remind everyone that he is part of the shelter.

“Oscar is a good companion; he is outgoing, adventurous, and friendly. He purrs excitedly when he sees us in the morning. He is far from being shy or nervous around people. However, at times he has shown an aggressive side and has unpredictable moments”. Highlighted the RSCPA

He just needs someone to accept him as he is. But above all, that I have a lot of patience to accompany him in this process.

The team concluded that Oscar’s social problems reside when he is forced to do some activity or share with other cats.

Enjoy time outdoors.

They also point out that he may have some issues with older women. This is perhaps due to previous traumas. They insist that their future adopters be young, preferably men.

They recommend that the best thing for Oscar is to let him be independent. And don’t pressure him to do any activity. This has nothing to do with his displays of affection, he will only come to greet them and let them caress him.

All he wants is to find the perfect house.

This cute kitten with a unique and adventurous personality wants to have a real family that will love him forever. Preferably there are no children, and he is the only pet.

Being independent, your new house should have a garden to enjoy his time outdoors and not feel any pressure.

His greatest desire is to find a family that loves and accepts him forever. Help us make your dream come true and share this story on the networks.

We wish all the luck in the world for this sweet being. May he find a family that will love him forever.

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