Cat Gives Birth In Duck Den Next To A Hen And Her Eggs

A family was surprised to see their cat had given birth to kittens in a chicken coop alongside a nesting hen and a duck!

While cats are known as natural predators of birds, it seems this mama cat was an exception.

The Wild Seven Homestead, a “larger-than-average sized family” building an off-grid wilderness homestead, shared about the heartwarming moment on Facebook. They said, “We came home from the state park today, to find our cat decided that the duck den was the safest place to have her babies, right along side the broody mama duck and hen that are laying on 22 duck eggs together…. THREE species to a den.”

In the photos, you can see the new mama cat hugging her kittens. Alongside the kittens and the mama cat are 22 duck and chicken eggs and a mama duck and hen!

The homestead family shared with IFLScience that the cat was raised with the chickens and ducks from the time they were all babies so they became best buddies. They said, “All of our different species and animals get along incredibly well! We’ve had cats (including Sable) previously born in the chicken coop with chicks, 60+ hens, and roosters with no problems.”
They shared a video of the newborn kittens amongst the eggs and it is really amazing.

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