Cat Approaches People And Asks For Help After Wandering The Streets

At the beginning of March, the Little Wanderers NYC animal rescue center received information about an abandoned cat in an industrial parking lot located in the Bronx.

A friendly local worker came across the friendly homeless kitten one day and started feeding it. Soon, he noticed that the adorable kitty was limping slightly and had an injured front left paw, so he called the rescue center for help.

Little Wanderers NYC told Love Meow:

“The cat was so sweet and so dirty. With a storm brewing the next day, our rescuer couldn’t wait and ran for him.”


Gato se acerca pidiendo ayuda
Instagram/ littlewanderersnyc

When the rescuer arrived at the scene, he was greeted by a very chatty and friendly feline, who seemed to know they were there to help him.

As he walked towards his new friend, the cat kept meowing and following him around the warehouse, as if asking him to take him home.

Gato se acerca
Instagram/ littlewanderersnyc

Rescue center staff added:

“We were told that he was approaching strangers, meowing and asking for help. And with us he did exactly that ».

The cat named Vinny climbed into a cage and finally made it out of the cold streets of New York, he seemed to be very grateful to his rescuer.

Gato rescatado se acerca
Instagram/ littlewanderersnyc

Vinny was taken to a veterinary hospital for much-needed medical care and a thorough examination. He had two old fractures from which he was now healed, but he had a leg injury, and according to warehouse workers he had been on the streets for several weeks.

The cat quickly stole the hearts of the veterinary staff, he loved being petted and given lots of attention.

Vinny rescatado
Instagram/ littlewanderersnyc

Vinny was delighted to have toys, and overall he loved his new life and was happy living at the rescue center.

The staff commented:

“He is the kindest, nicest and most self-confident kitten. The staff rave about how sweet he is, he’s like molasses.”

The kitten approached each person who entered his room and made sure that no one was missing for affection.

Vinny feliz
Instagram/ littlewanderersnyc

After recovering from spay surgery and an injured paw, Vinny was ready to start looking for a forever home. A couple found out about his story, and they immediately fell in love with Vinny.

The couple approached the feline and fell madly in love with the little one, as expected, the cat snuggled in their arms. He rubbed his little face against them and gave them lots of kisses, as if he knew they were there to take him home.

Pareja adopta a Vinny
Instagram/ littlewanderersnyc

Vinny no solo encontró a unos padres maravillosos, sino que también tiene un hermano adoptivo felino con quien pasar el resto de su vida.

Pareja adopta Vinny
Instagram/ littlewanderersnyc

After wandering the streets for several weeks asking for help, Vinny finally fulfilled his dream and is now very happy.

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