Cat Approaches A Woman For Help So That Her Kittens Have A Better Life

The homeless cat suddenly appeared in the yard asking for food, Sandy, the owner of the house, noticed her belly and suspected that she was pregnant. She decided to open the door for her and the kitten entered satisfied in order to receive the help that she needed so urgently at that moment.

After a few days, Sandy was surprised when the homeless kitten returned, but this time she did not return alone, she was accompanied by four adorable kittens.

The woman felt the need to help them and, hoping they would receive better care, contacted the local rescue center, Jin Bottle Babies.


Gata se acerca pidiendo ayuda

The shelter did not hesitate to answer the call and Jen, a volunteer from the rescue center, decided to take the entire feline family under her protection and care.

Gata se acerca

Jen told Love Meow:

“When I went to pick them up, the mother cat approached me with scratches on her chin.”

Hunter y Jade

Jade, as the kitten was called, took a while to adjust to her new foster home, but she was happy to get lots of petting. Hunter, the biggest kitten of all, was the bravest, mischievous, noisiest and the one who risked the most to new adventures in the house.

Travieso Hunter
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Over time, Hunter became a skilled adventurer who mastered the art of escape perfectly; no corral could prevent him from escaping. Jade was an exemplary mother and she was vigilant watching what her kittens did, in addition, she satisfied their needs, bathed them and filled them with love.

Jade descansando
Instagram/ jade_and_liam

After enjoying life indoors, Jade got used to the comforts, but she was very cautious, even still sleeping on the floor. Little by little, her confidence grew and she did everything she wanted in her house, even Hunter became her shadow and tried to make her play.

Hunter jugando con Jade
Instagram/ jade_and_liam

When they were ready to be adopted, Jen planned for Jade to be adopted with one of her kittens so that she would always have a mate.

Jen added:

Hunter’s favorite toy is Jade’s tail. I always try to send the kittens home with their favorite toy if possible, and in this case Hunter would be fulfilling his wish. “

Jade adoptada junto Hunter
Instagram/ jade_and_liam

Soon the right family for Jade and her son Hunter arrived, they fell in love with them and quickly welcomed them into their home. The initial idea with the remaining four kittens was to be able to send them to their new homes as a couple, but Jen never thought her plan would change.

Adorables hermanos
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It turns out that for reasons of life, the four kittens were destined to be together and would continue to enjoy their new life in a beautiful home.

Jen commented:

“I was hoping the first approved adopter would choose one of the pairs for me. I never imagined the adopter would say; Four, please!

Cuatro gatitos adoptados
Instagram/ jade_and_liam

This adoption became the first of the shelter to include four adopted members, all of whom were happy to be able to help the kittens.

Since they lived on the streets, these kittens always had some luck to overcome all the obstacles that came their way in life.

Gata se acerca
Instagram/ jade_and_liam

Fortunately, Jade always knew who to turn to when she needed help, and now everyone can enjoy a forever home.

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