Cãozinho Gets 9 Million Views After “Adopting” 4 Bunnies!!

Since they arrived at the house, very small, the bunnies seem to have chosen who would take care of them. Nothing sweeter than two species of animals, putting aside their differences.

The relationship between animals of different species is something that has always caught our attention. As a human being, everyone has a different personality and we never know what we’re going to find, however, when a good relationship is established, the bond can solidify to the point of becoming unbreakable.

A Golden Retriever puppy was very successful on YouTube, after letting four bunnies snuggle in the middle of its fur.

Despite being male, the rabbits’ interaction with Bailey led Taras, their owner, to say that “the baby bunnies think the golden retriever is their father.”

Although they appear to have been adopted, bunnies still live with their real mother.

Taras explained that the mother, named Charlotte, was saved “from the hands of people who catch rabbits, without the minimum conditions to raise them”. Bailey has taken care of them from the day they were born.

The furry and small rabbits became quite popular due to their close relationship. The four bunnies even thought the dog would be their mother.

Bailey, the “provisional father” of rabbits, accepted the responsibility of playing and petting the little ones. The toothpicks really liked Bailey.

When they met Bailey, the little bunnies sniffed at him and then threw themselves at him, kissing the big guy with their wet snouts. Apparently the four little friends didn’t show fear as some might imagine, they even managed to interact with a bird that landed on the bed.

There was a time when the rabbits started sharing their food with Bailey. It’s possible they did this to show their love for their furry favorite.

However, Bailey returned the gesture awkwardly. The sweet little dog reciprocated by giving them “vigorous baths that left their fur spiky with so much love.”

The bunnies became the house’s new pets after they were rescued from their captors, who imprisoned them.

The owner of this big family, Taras, says that it was easy for the four bunnies to learn to like Bailey, because the furry one was very kind to them.

Bailey was already part of that family, even before the bunnies arrived and claimed the puppy as their father.

Bailey took on the role, although the furry one did not expect to be a “provisional father”.

As the video shows, this four-legged friend is taking this new responsibility very seriously. Let’s hope that these little ones, just 22 days old, grow big and strong, because we know that love, for sure, will not lack them.

Bailey loves hugs and likes when bunnies are around. The four rabbits sometimes appear on the doggie channel on YouTube to play with their “dad”.

The video where Bailey enjoys a relaxing time with the cuddly adopted babies has been viewed 9.5 million times and received 246,000 likes.


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