Calf About To Be Slaughtered Saved By A Kind-hearted Woman

The story of Thor, a bull who was almost sacrificed as just a calf, reminds us that the fight to claim the right to life of any animal seems to be advancing only in the case of some species.

While it is true that now there is a little more awareness about pet ownership, it is also clear that the picture is stagnant when we talk about other living beings such as cows and other creatures considered simple food.
A bull can suffer all kinds of lowliness and everyone forgets that it was a sweet calfbecerrito
For that reason the stories of rescue of this kind of creatures do not cease to move us and a woman in Scotland has led a really beautiful episode for life.

Her name is Heidi Ross and she is Thor’s savior.

The tender calf that Heidi baptized Thor was born a month earlier than planned and its premature arrival brought with it some difficulties. It had not fully developed and had problems with its legs, which prevented it from moving properly.

While others rejected him, Heidi loved him.

The owners of the farm on which Thor was born regarded him as a faulty calf and saw no future in him other than an early trip to the slaughterhouse. These people thought of sacrificing him for his condition, but luckily he ran into Heidi.

Ross worked on the same farm that Thor lived on.

Heidi met the calf in a moment of extreme vulnerability, the poor man was trying to stand up to get out of a mound of manure in which he had fallen and that simply devastated her.

“Taking care of him has been a huge decision for me. I’ve never spent time with large animals, never had anything bigger than a guinea pig, so meeting Thor as a giant cub has been quite an effort, ”Heidi said of the process.

After a long struggle in which love was the main tool, the woman managed to rehabilitate Thor and the defenseless calf was gaining weight, until he became a strong and healthy bull.
Despite the complication in its legs, the animal leads a quiet life and enjoys the love of its rescuer who from the first day gave it all the attention it needed.

Heidi takes care of him like a real son.

Currently this bull weighs almost 750Kg and is not even the shadow of the calf that Heidi adopted, but that is no longer a problem for her.

Not because of its colossal size, the creature is no longer her darling and now she sees it as a “big puppy”, yes, much bigger than normal! But that does not matter much to the woman and less the comments of those who point her out for exposing herself by having a bull as a pet.

«Come on, boy, mom is treated with care»

Now the woman works daily on her confidence, as there are times when she can feel a little intimidated but is sure that the bull would never hurt her. Although due to its large size it is prone to accidents.

“I have had to work a lot on my trust with him. I know he would never hurt me intentionally, he is not aggressive in the slightest, but he does not realize that he is the size of a small vehicle so getting an unintentional blow to his head can really hurt, “explained the rescuer.


The bond between Heidi and her pet bull has become unbreakable. She saved him when others wanted to send him to slaughter and not only rehabilitated him, but let him know what it was like to feel part of a family. Without a doubt, this pair has one of those curious and strong friendships that doesn’t always happen in life.

Even the most peculiar creatures have the right to live, and Thor’s story proves it. Love manages to break down all barriers.

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