Buddy, A Homeless Dog With Cancer, Only Wanted To Be Hugged When Rescued

Life on the streets is as difficult for anyone, just as it was for Buddy. This little furry with luminous eyes lived through so many calamities when he was left without a roof that it is only right that he now goes back to sleep peacefully.

Buddy is a puppy that used to roam the streets of Alaska (United States).

The little dog has been homeless for a long time, begging for food and love. In this way he had managed to get ahead but an organization managed to rescue him at the heaviest moment of his existence: the dog had fallen ill with cancer.

Howl Of A Dog volunteers are the ones taking the case, doing their best to help you, and sharing the emotional story.

Thanks to them the furry has another chance today.

The day rescuers took to the streets to save a reported sick little alley, they did not imagine the sweetness of a creature they would encounter.

Despite the mistreatment the dog had received over the years, nothing had damaged his docile and pure spirit.

Buddy was easily served.

As soon as the boys approached him, Buddy threw himself into those strange arms to beg for affection and a big hug. Perhaps in his interior the furry felt that his salvation had finally arrived.

And somehow it was, although no one imagined what would come next.

After a bath and a respective check-up, Buddy seemed to be pleased to have arrived at that refuge but inside something else was ailing him.

After some tests, the doctors detected an incipient lymphoma in his spleen and the puppy was diagnosed with cancer.

The news filled the air with pain.

Even when the diagnosis was known, it was as if Buddy understood what was happening, demanding more love and hugs from his caregivers.

The puppy looked fearful.

The doctors who treated him recommended that given the sensitivity of the matter it was preferable to perform a splenectomy. It is a surgery in which the affected spleen would be completely removed.

Although scared, the brave Buddy faced the surgical procedure and spent almost two months in recovery.

During that time his caregivers were very attentive to his evolution.

Fortunately, the operation had been a success and after further studies it was determined that the furry had bravely overcome the fatal disease.

Buddy, who in the past used to sleep under cars, now had more desire to live and the organization then began the search for the ideal family for him.

The dog deserved to start over.

Luckily that search was not too extensive and, after his moving background, loving people decided to adopt him. The furry was welcomed into a Michigan home and renamed Roman.

“He not only has a happy new life now, but also a great new name: to honor Buddy’s Romanian origin, his adoptive family decided to change his name to Roman,” they wrote on the organization’s page.

The puppy enjoys the tranquility and care that it always deserved. Now he will not have to beg for food and neither will crumbs of love, because his new mom adores him.


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