British Parrot Started Speaking Spanish When It Returned After Missing For 4 Years

Parrots are intelligent creatures and their learning ability is impressive. This story of a grey African parrot called Nigel will surely leave you in surprise, as he suddenly returned to his owner after 4 years of disappearance.

But the most astonishing part is the fact that he also learned to speak Spanish while wandering around the world. Nigel went missing in 2010 after he flew away from his home in California, and once he returned to his owner, his British accent was gone and had been replaced by a Spanish one.

Another weird thing was that he kept asking about someone named “Larry”. The missing parrot was found by Julissa Sperling in Torrance and she said that Nigel has been speaking Spanish and asked her  “What happened?”

After searching online for missing parrot ads, she found someone looking for her lost friend and turned out to be an entirely different owner. But fortunately, she contacted the Animal Lovers pet store, which kept all their receipts from previous sales, and they managed to find Nigel’s owner.

At first, both the parrot and Darren were confused by the meeting, since it had been so long that they last saw each other.
Now Darren says that he instantly recognized his lost pet when he saw it, he just couldn’t believe his eyes as Nigel had been gone for such a long time.

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