Bread Whisker, The Cute Chubby Little Bird That Seems To Have Two Large Whiskers Near Its Eyes

We have learned that nature can enchant us at any time from an unexpected place. We are not only talking about a landscape, a sunset, a particular phenomenon, but also all the animals that inhabit it with us. If we think of a chickadee, we have in mind the “normal” image of one of the many small birds that we see commonly. But not all birds are the same, and we often encounter surprisingly original creatures that, due to their unique characteristics, seem almost fake. We present here the mustache breadcrumbs, which, just with its name, makes it clear that it has a singular characteristic!


 Scientifically, she is called Panurus biarmicus , in English Bearded Reedling, and her appearance makes her quite simply unique from the eyes to the beak, she has two dark markings that look like a characteristic ” mustache “.


But that’s not all because, besides the dark markings on the head, the tit also has a peculiar oval shape, which makes it look like a  “ball of feather” .


“Whiskers” are only present in males , while females do not, apart from the fact that the latter generally have darker beaks.


 The Panurus is known from  a wide variety of specimens , and is found in different parts of Europe, Asia and North Africa.


 Their acrobatic flights and song make them recognizable even from afar. Likewise, the tail, as long as the body (around 8 cm) is another distinctive element.


The whiskered breadcrumbs are thus a bird quite simply superb: with its soft colors and its “beard”, it is truly a sympathetic creature. We just have to hope, sooner or later, to see one with our own eyes!


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