Boy Takes Time Out Of His Daily Routine To Play With A ‘Misunderstood’ Cat

Teaching a child that all little animals deserve to be respected and accepted regardless of their condition or race will undoubtedly help change the lives of many vulnerable furry little ones.

There are many dogs and cats that daily suffer the indifference of some people for having an injury that is nothing more than a mark of their painful past.

A boy became the best friend of a disabled cat


They are furry angels loaded with infinite love who only want to be surrounded by people who watch over their well-being, and give them much more love than they can give.

Ace is one of those kitties that has a lot of love to give, a special kitty both inside and out.

When he was rescued, his health was quite delicate, he had some bacteria and unfortunately he lost one of his eyes due to an infection.

A disability that did not limit the beautiful kitten.

Despite the incident, Ace proved to be a very sweet kitty, his attitude towards life did not diminish.

However, his outward appearance has been misunderstood by some people new to him, especially children, who are intimidated by his presence.

Norma Maikovich is the owner of Ace, in this regard she points out:

“It can seem scary at times, especially to children. People often hesitate to greet him.”

Unlike other kittens, Ace doesn’t have many human friends, but one day everything changed when Maikovich noticed that his cute kitty had a special friend.

Ace enjoys resting on the front porch of the house, for security measures his owner installed a camera to be able to frequently monitor the kitten.

Its owner never imagined that the camera would record the sweetest and most sincere friendship

Reviewing the pictures, his owner noticed that a child frequently visits the kitten. But she had no idea that what was happening between them was the most moving thing she could ever imagine.

The video moved Ace’s owner, seeing that finally someone approached the sweet kitty without any prejudice or fear. It is evident that between the two there is a special bond charged with infinite tenderness.

“Looking at the images, we noticed that one child in particular tends to visit us almost every day. It melted our hearts, not only seeing how much Ace loves this boy, but how familiar they were to each other!” Norma said.

A new friendship that caused infinite happiness in its owner.

Ace’s new friend is a young neighbor who makes a mandatory stop when he goes out for a bike ride to say hello to the “terrifying” cat.

Apparently, the kitten always waits at the front door for his punctual visit, when he sees the boy approaching, the kitten runs excitedly to meet him. Upon seeing the video, his owner commented:

“A friend of Ace’s is a friend of ours. Once we realized that they were friends, he made us very happy ».

Although some people distance themselves from Ace because of how he looks, without thinking about it, the boy has given the best lesson of all to the world: he has shown that appearances are not everything in life.

Certainly, both pets and humans have some traits that make them common to each other, but the normal thing is that we are all different.

“Seeing the footage of Ace and his friend really proves that when given the chance to live with and love a family, special needs and disabled animals are worth it too,” Norma said.

If we all saw beyond what meets the eye, there would be far fewer abandoned animals on the streets, and more disabled animals enjoying a loving home.

Let’s contemplate this beautiful friendship and urge the little ones in the house to love all the little animals and learn that the really important thing is to accept and respect each other despite our differences.

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