Boy Goes Every Day To The Port To Meet His Friend Manta Ray

Manta rays are very adorable marine animals, capable of leaving anyone with their mouths open. They do not normally behave aggressively and differ from other very similar species because they do not have a poisonous stinger on their tail. Stingrays feed on small fish and squid. Recently, a video shot in the Canary Islands, Spain, has left many people in awe.

In the images of the video you can clearly see how a stingray came to the call of a child and the most surprising thing is that it does so every day. It seems that they have created a beautiful friendship. Many marine animals tend to approach that same port. It is the place where fish that have not been selected for trade are discarded, so they are returned to the sea. For many marine animals, that means an enormous amount of food, so they carefully approach the port to enjoy a good feast.

The boy is the son of a fisherman, and from an early age he has accompanied his father to work. This has helped him to understand the wonders of nature and to get along very well with animals. The little boy loves to take the fish to call his big crumb stingray. He called her with little whistles and moved the water to indicate the area where he was. After a few minutes, the stingray answered the call and prepared to eat the delicious treat. The boy seems so used to the stingray that he even gave it a little caress.

The video has worried some Internet users about the danger that this can mean for the child. He is there with his father and it seems that they know the animal perfectly. They are not domesticated animals. They cannot treat him like a dog. They are risking an accident, “commented one of the users. Others have viewed the images as a beautiful example that friendship is possible regardless of species. Of which there is no doubt, is that if we all treated animals with a little more affection and respect, the world would be a better place.

This is a beautiful example. We must take care of our animals and our planet, “said a user on the networks. If you are near an animal such as the stingray, the most prudent thing is to leave it alone or contact an expert. This little boy has the vigilance of his parents who are fishermen and have known the animals in the area for a long time. However, on more than one occasion humans have ended up hurting or injuring some animals for trying to take a photo with them, or feed them without really having knowledge about them. That is why the most advisable thing is to let the animals live in peace.

You can watch the adorable video of the boy with his stingray friend below:


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