Blue Macaw Parrot From The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Officially Extinct

Due to our way of life and our little care for the environment, more and more species are extinct every year. Unfortunately, the same goes for the blue macaw parrot depicted by the famous cartoon character Rio. In the animated picture, Rio de Janeiro flew from Minnesota to Rio de Janeiro, thinking that he was the last remaining species, but then encountered female jewelry. Unfortunately, real life is not as successful in saving species as movies.

Only seven years ago, the blue macaw was included in the endangered species list, and in January this year it was declared extinct. According to BirdLife International, the parrot species cannot be observed in nature for a long time and can be kept in captivity, but only a few examples remain.

There is also no reproduction plan for them. Their extinction was caused by large-scale deforestation and severe land loss. Since the 1980s, researchers have begun to raise awareness of the blue macaw species’ problems, but sadly, no one seems to take these warnings seriously. In January, the International Bird Conservation Organization wiped out another seven species of birds, five of which are South American species.

Among them, large-scale deforestation is under constant threat. Unless people are unaware of their threats to nature and the different species that live in nature, similar news will continue to make headlines.

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