Blind Puppy Trembling With Hunger Wandered From One Side To Another And None Stopped To Help

This time we bring you a story of overcoming, love and courage, where a puppy survived completely alone during the first months of her life.

Despite being so small and being exposed to the dangers that the street offers, she managed to get ahead fighting with the little strength she had left.

It wasn’t until some kind souls saw her trying to cross the road that they decided to stop and give her the help she needed.

Blind puppy trembling with hunger wandered from one side to another without anyone stopping to help her


Evidently, the puppy was in very bad shape. It looked like a tiny bundle of skin and bone. Downcast and completely disoriented, she received a gesture of love, possibly the first in a long time that she ended up saving her life.

The story of this beautiful dog was shared through YouTube, where they explain:

“It is heartbreaking that a poor little soul finds herself on a street, hungry, sick, vulnerable and ignored by all. She is about three months old, she was very sore and lonely. She has suffered enough in her short life.”

Although the dog was rescued in the middle of a busy road, her condition indicated that no one had given her help.

Stories like these make us question ourselves: How can someone be indifferent to the pain of such an innocent being? How many people had the opportunity to help her and didn’t?

Although the details of how this adorable baby ended up on the streets are unknown, fortunately, her fate, which seemed to be marked by death, took a complete turn by moving some people who ended up saving her.

“She is malnourished and sick because she has spent her life homeless, without adequate food and very helpless. Someone found her in her horrible state when she was trying to cross the street to get something to eat.”

At her young age, this beautiful dog has been through a lot, she was so fragile that even standing and taking steps was a challenge for her.

When her rescuer gave her food, she seemed a little shy at first, but then she recognized that they were good people and ended up giving in to their care.

Upon transferring her to a veterinary clinical center, her diagnosis determined that she had a long way to go.

She had a serious infection in her eyes, which ended up worrying her caregivers. Malnourished and with some welts on her skin, she needed constant attention to get ahead.

She was only three months old and her life was marked by pain and agony:

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