Blind Dog Feels Excited Every Time She Feels The Snow

Mackenzie is a blind dog that has proven to be quite a warrior, a special furry that from a very young age learned to overcome obstacles and enjoy life despite all the difficulties.

And if there is something we must learn from animals with special needs, it is they never give up, and our beautiful protagonist is an example of this.

She was blind when she was just a puppy.


This adorable ball of fur came to Mandy Leung’s house when she was only 10 weeks old, although she looked completely healthy her field of vision was very limited, this completely caught the attention of her mother who decided to do a series of exams.

Soon after, Mandy discovered that the new and pampered member of her family suffered from ocular glaucoma, this disease affects the optic nerve of pets, if it is not treated in time it can cause permanent blindness.

A blind dog who reminds us that there are no limits to being happy.

Unfortunately, within a month of being diagnosed, Mackenzie was completely blind. Due to her condition, she needed certain special attention while she got used to her new reality.

Being blind from a young age allowed her to adapt more easily to her surroundings, and the loss of her vision enhanced her other senses.

He cannot contain his excitement every time he feels the snow.

This made it possible for Mackenzie to enjoy a completely normal life, not only did he have the unconditional love of his mother, but also of his furry friends who always accompanied him in his adaptation stage. In this regard, Mandy wrote:

“It moves perfectly to new places and can play fetch like a normal dog!”

Being a blind dog does not limit Mackenzie, on the contrary she has learned to do many things and has a great ability to adapt to new places.

“I love taking Mackenzie to new places to explore. New dog parks, new hiking trails. I want to expose her to as many new things as I can, that way she can experience the things normal dogs do. Even if you can’t see the beautiful scenery, you can smell all the different scents and just absorb it all, ”Mandy noted.

Mackenzie’s condition does not limit her to acting like any other puppy, although she cannot see them she has a superior instinct and often ends up doing the same as her furry friends. She can be so clever and clever that Mandy sometimes forgets she is blind.

“She even forgot that she is blind because sometimes she turns her head towards my eyes,” Mandy said.

This beautiful ball of fur seems to understand that once she leaves the house there is a world of possibilities to do mischief and contemplate everything around her in her own way, she loves to play in the park, cuddle with her mother and take long walks.

“Mackenzie is very quiet at home but is very silly and mischievous at outside. She is the friendliest puppy, she has never met anyone who does not like her, ”Mandy pointed out.

Although this sweet dog has learned to enjoy everything around her and insists on being friends with everyone, there is something that excites her even more and makes her overflow with happiness: the snow.

She didn’t let her blindness get in the way of living to the fullest.

This fluffy and mischievous dog has a certain fascination for snow, so she spends the whole year waiting for her favorite season.

When winter comes and the streets are dressed in white, Mackenzie cannot contain her excitement and between joyful jumps and agitated tail movements she unleashes all her happiness.

Even if you can’t see it, it is enough that you feel a snowflake on your face and whiskers for you to have the most adorable reaction. Mandy comments on this:

“Snow is one of her favorite things and she never wants to go in if there is snow outside.”

Fortunately, her fur is very resistant to low temperatures, so her mother lets her play for hours outside. Although convincing her to return home is a challenge, it is all worth it to see her happy dog ​​enjoying something as simple and magnificent as snow.

Her spirit of resistance reminds us that it is not the strongest, nor the most intelligent species that survives, but the one that, adapting to changes, can continue to be happy and enjoy life. How much we have to learn from these adorable little animals!

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