Black Labrador Puts Everyone In A Fit Of Laughter With His Confident Poses

Dogs are part of the family. Well, not just dogs, because it actually involves all domestic animals as well. They are much more than just animals, they are friends, brothers and even children, like Helen, Kevin and their black Lab named Maverick. The couple went to have a photo taken, while enjoying themselves in a local pub, where their dog was also.

From one moment to the next, the carved jumped up to hug Dad and smile at the camera. He unleashed laughter from his family. Maverick has an attitude to spare, worthy of a model with high confidence. The family had decided to take the two-year-old dog to accompany them, since it is another member of the family. It is also not problematic and is always very well behaved.

The parents chatted and drank with Helen’s sister, where everything was going perfectly. When they decided to have their picture taken, the adorable Labrador jumped up to lean on his dad, sparking laughter. He put one of his paws around Daddy, stuck out his tongue, and smiled for the family photo. Everyone laughed at Maverick’s attitude and the photo came out perfect for a family photo. Helen says he will make a beautiful painting for the house. «It was a perfect family photo. He was licking his father and it was pure chance. It’s funny how he has his arm around Kevin. I’m going to print the photo and frame it, ”Helen told local media.

His human parents have said that the adorable Mav is very playful and is always up to mischief, although he does know how to behave in public. The whole neighborhood knows him, because he is also too friendly. He has a very good relationship with his father, where cuddles, caresses and afternoons on the couch abound. They shared the hilarious photo on social media and it went viral in just a few minutes, everyone laughing and loving the photogenic Mav.

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