Black Cat Guides Rescue Team To Help Of Its Elderly Owner


Black cats may have a reputation for being unlucky, but don’t tell that to the owner of an ebony feline who helped to save its owner’s life.

Piran the kitten lives with his mother in rural Cornwall, England. When the 83-year-old Bodmin woman went missing, neighbors launched a search party, scouring the nearby countryside, but she was nowhere to be found – until researchers spotted the Piran kitten fussing and meowing loudly through a gate of a cornfield.

“The cat is very attached to her, and he was going back and forth at the gate and meowing, so I decided to go search the cornfield,” Tamar Longmuir, who helped with the search, told Sky News.

With the seven-foot-tall crop, the way was rough. Keeping to the perimeter, Longmuir skirted the field, calling out her neighbor’s name.

The elderly woman had fallen down a steep 70-foot drop and, after passing through barbed wire, finally stopped in a stream.

Although Longmuir was able to go downstairs to assess the situation and fortunately learned that his neighbor was not seriously injured, the octogenarian is believed to have been trapped there for several hours.

Longmuir had to go upstairs to get cell phone service, but she was able to contact emergency teams who soon arrived to free the stranded elderly woman.

After a joint two-hour effort by nearly 25 emergency responders from police, fire, and air and water rescue services, the woman was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“While the lady in question is still receiving care, she is in a good mood and is being well looked after,” Bodmin Police said in a Facebook post. “Piran the cat saved the day!”

In fact, if Piran hadn’t raised the alarm, the outcome might have been very different.

“Without the cat waiting at the gate of that field, it could have been hours later that I or anyone else would have checked in there,” Longmuir told Sky News.

Grateful for Piran’s persistent vocal intervention in aid of their human, the neighbors are banding together to care for their kitten while she recovers.

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