Bald Eagle Saved From Freezing To Death By A Kind Golden Retriever

Dogs are known to be very loyal friends and some dogs have a caring attitude that even extends to fellow humans. Even to animals that they are usually hostile.

While out walking with her owner, Kenai, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever, saw a wounded bald eagle and began barking non-stop. The injured eagle was stuck on a branch near the water.

The eagle hopped away, frigthened. Kenai and her owner returned the next day to complete the rescue mission. When they returned they followed the eagle tracks  in the snow to find him.

Kenai tracked down the eagle, and with help from the Department of Natural Resources, the bird was taken in for some necessary health care. The poor eagle’s feathers were frozen and he was suffering from a shoulder injury. Upon further examination, he showed signs of lead poisoning.

The eagle is expected to make a full recovery after receiving needed treatment. Thanks to Kenai, the eagle is going to make it. If he did not get help when he did, he probably would have died.

Watch the rescue in the video below.

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