Baby Squirrel Believes Motherly Pit Bull Is Her Own

Pit Bulls know how to care for others, unlike any other dog.

Even though they are known for their brutality, they sometimes can be the most loving and considerate dogs out there. This became even more obvious when a Pit Bull and squirrel friendship soon became popular on Reddit and Instagram.

Everly is a rescued Pit Bull with a kind heart. Her mom, Morgan Joy Groves, says that the kind dog tries to become friends with nearly everyone, even other animals. Recently, a baby squirrel started to hang out near Everly, and the gentle Pit Bull claimed the small squirrel as her own child.

A Beautiful Friendship: Groves was just taking Everly for her daily walk when they saw the baby squirrel. The poor little squirrel was all alone. His mother didn’t seem to be nearby, and he had a rare fascination with Everly. So, the squirrel followed Everly home, where they quickly became best friends.

After an exhausting walk, Everly first laid down to rest for a bit. To her surprise, the little squirrel climbed on top of her and fell asleep with her. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Of course, her cat sister was skeptical at first, but it was clear that Everly and the squirrel were happy.

As fascinating as their unlikely friendship is, the squirrel is still a wild animal. Many Reddit users came forward to explain that caring for a squirrel is much trickier than you’d expect. Unfortunately, there are a lot of risks involved. So, multiple people commented to share some squirrel care advice with Groves.

With all the information she learned about baby squirrels, Groves decided that her home was not the best place for a squirrel to grow up. Taking Everly’s new friend away was very sad, but she knew it was for the best. She wanted an expert to help the squirrel stay healthy.

Our little squirrel friend was brought to a wildlife center where it will be taken care of well. There are two other squirrels his age that he will grow up with, and when ready, be released back into the forest together as a family!

This heartwarming friendship is a perfect example of how caring dogs truly are, no matter what their breed is.


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