King Floyd Grooves the Night with “Groove Me”

“Groove Me” is a classic soul and funk song by American singer and songwriter King Floyd. Released in 1970, the song became one of King Floyd’s biggest hits and a prominent track in the soul and funk genres.

“Groove Me” features a catchy bassline, rhythmic guitar licks, and horn sections typical of the funk sound of the era. The lyrics of the song are suggestive and sensual, expressing romantic desire and the joy of dancing to a groove.

The repetitive refrain “Groove me, baby” became iconic, and the song’s infectious rhythm made it a favorite on dance floors.

The song’s popularity was not limited to its initial release; it has been covered and sampled by numerous artists over the years, attesting to its lasting influence on the music industry. “Groove Me” remains a beloved classic in the funk and soul genres, celebrated for its funky beats and King Floyd’s soulful delivery.

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