At The Shelter, German Shepherds Finds Comfort With Hugging Each Other!

Dogs are very affectionate creatures. When dogs love someone, they love unconditionally!

Apollo and Adonis are the best examples of bonded dogs. Their futures were unclear, so they hugged and held each other tight as their owners handed them over. Perhaps they had a hunch they were going to one of Texas’ high-k.i.ll shelters.

Perhaps they were unaware that a photograph of them hugging had changed their life!

When Cindy Droogmans, founder of A-Team Elite Dogs, first met the two dogs, they were so scared that they trembled. Luckily, she recognized their strong emotions and decided to get them both out of here.

They both have heartworms, as do most dogs in Texas, which is probably why they were abandoned!


In any case, these sweet little pals are constantly cuddling and cuddling each other for safety. Droogmans would normally find a home for each dog, but given how close the two were, she was determined to find a new loving home for both of them.

They quickly received a large number of applications to adopt Apollo and Adonis, and they finally found a wonderful home!


Currently, the couple is adjusting to the new area. There was a formidable moment shortly after they arrived at the new house when the worried Apollo had gone out and wandered off. Thankfully, they found him within about 24 hours.

But Apollo and Adonis are just one of many cases in shelters around the world, with so many other unlucky dogs in need of a home and love!

So glad Apollo and Adonis found their forever home together!


It’s great that the adorable dog couple has a happy ending. Hope this miracle happens to all the other stray dogs!

Thank you Lord for letting them be adopted together


So happy they were adopted together they are gorgeous/

Beautiful fur babies love that they got to stay together

God, please send them an amazing loving kind furever home together – they cannot be separated – it would be dev.ast.ating!

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