Lesley Gore’s Resonant Voice in “Judy’s Turn To Cry”

“Judy’s Turn to Cry” is a song recorded by American singer Lesley Gore. It was released in 1963 as the follow-up to her smash hit “It’s My Party.” Like its predecessor, “Judy’s Turn to Cry” was written by Brill Building songwriters Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry.

In “Judy’s Turn to Cry,” Lesley Gore sings about a girl named Judy who has stolen her boyfriend. The song’s lyrics depict a strong, empowered response from the narrator, who refuses to be heartbroken and instead decides to move on and enjoy life without her unfaithful boyfriend.

The song features Gore’s powerful vocals and a catchy, upbeat melody that captured the spirit of the early 1960s pop sound. “Judy’s Turn to Cry” became a hit, reaching the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Its catchy tune and relatable lyrics made it popular with young audiences, and it remains a classic example of the girl group sound that was prominent in the 1960s.

Lesley Gore’s confident delivery and the song’s infectious energy have contributed to its enduring appeal. “Judy’s Turn to Cry” continues to be celebrated as a catchy and empowering anthem, representing the strength and resilience of young women during the era of 1960s pop music.

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