An Unlucky Puppy Spends 3 Days Crying Until Someone Wants To Save Him After Being Dumped

Although we are faced with different really terrible news on a daily basis, it seems that no one completely knows the limits of human evil and the complaints of abuse against those most in need are getting worse. On this occasion one in particular has broken our hearts.

It is the story of a furry man who was thrown down a ravine in Mexico.

The apparently ownerless mestizo lived a true nightmare from which he was saved by a true miracle, after some locals heard his desperate pleas. The event occurred on the Río Blanco tributary in Veracruz, Mexico.

A soulless man mercilessly threw the furry man and he spent at least three days fighting to get out of it. His rescuers still admire his courage to hold on to life and not allow himself to die in that moment of weakness.

The dog had to endure days of anguish and pain.

The furry man was in danger of being swept away by the current and all the time he clung to some rocks in the river. His ordeal ended when some men decided to rescue him and alerted the authorities, before embarking on the rescue.

The inhabitants and officials of the municipal police got together to save the dog and with the help of a rope they were able to enter the river waters to rescue it.

That was the best moment for everyone.

The operation was not easy but its end was satisfactory, only one issue keeps us dismayed: the time that passed before someone decided to help him.

The rescue initiative was led by a Samaritan who refused to let the little dog perish there in the river in a long and agonizing agony, so he decided to intervene.

At the time of the rescue, three days had already passed without anyone acting.

After the rescue, a witness reported that the furry man had come there because of a man who threw him; so the outrage arises in lack of immediacy to act in this case.

The neighbors saw the man act and could not stop him, in addition the height of the vegetation prevented them from quickly hitting the dog.

Everything was against the animal, except the will of a good Samaritan.

When the locals were encouraged to rescue him by their own means, they found the collaboration of the authorities. We are grateful that the matter did not have a tragic end and now the puppy is recovering in a veterinary clinic; However, we question whether the security forces of that locality act with the same delay to attend to all the cases.

Although with delay the help arrived and the angel of this furry one kept him alive to write a new story. Without a doubt, the dog is a warrior, share his case and send him your blessings.

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