An Overprotective And Selfless Mother Struggles To Walk Carrying Her 7 Babies On Her Back

Mothers are capable of doing anything for their children, they are fighting women, willing to endure whatever it takes in order to bring up their children.

There are literally mothers who would carry the full weight of their children just to protect them, and that is the story of this admirable mother possum.

An American television program released through its Facebook account, the video of a mother opossum carrying her babies on her back.

In the images recorded by Adam Wafi, we can clearly see how this extraordinary mother carries her seven babies on her back without complaint.

The mother possum struggled to walk on a sidewalk in a neighborhood in Boston, United States.

This poor possum looked a bit tired from all the weight she had to carry, she stopped several times for a few seconds to make sure her creatures were on top of her.

This mother possum definitely doesn’t have an easy job, but it’s cute to see how she cares for her little ones.

“So cute! I love possums! They eat ticks and they are good for the environment. I hope the family reaches their destination safely ”, commented a Facebook user.

A curious fact about these animals is that they can give birth to up to 20 puppies at the same time. Born so small, babies stay inside the mother’s sac, then move onto her back and stay with her for 100 days and go wherever she goes.

The footage that has gone viral has so far more than 4 million views, 13,000 likes, 5,000 comments and 70,000 shares.

This mother possum is the most famous on the net for her great fighting spirit!

“I love these little animals, they are very beneficial and do not have rabies, so please adopt them,” said another Facebook user.

Take a look at this warrior mother. It’s amazing what she does just to protect her babies!

How beautiful all the effort that possums make for their little ones. This mother has taught us all a lesson, we must appreciate every gesture that our mothers have with us and reward them for all the effort.

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