An Exquisite Woodland Bird With Colorful Feathers, Olive Green, Black, And Yellow

There are many birds in nature that are so unique that it amaze us. They blend cleverly, making the bird more outstanding whenever they appear. These birds even make a name for themselves in the world of birds with their various colorful coat. Lifelong birdwatchers are blessed to be in front of their presence. And we, normal people, also fall in love with them.

(Image Credits: Instagram/inben_naidoo)

The gorgeous bushshrike is among these rare birds. This beautiful woodland bird has a red throat, a black chest band, and a yellow belly. Moreover, its back, wings, and tail are beautifully covered in olive green. This cloak makes this species look like knights of the dark.

(Image Credits: Instagram/21photographers_captured)

You can watch the video of these attractive birds below!

The female of this species is quite similar to the male although she has a narrower chest band.

(Image Credits: Alandmanson / CC BY-SA 4.0)
Regarding young birds, they are an olive-green color with a yellow throat. They also lack colorful underparts that adults have.

(Image Credits: Instagram/heinrich_human)

Gorgeous bushshrike birds are a member of the Malaconotidae family. They are native to the African continent in Angola, the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Zambia, and in coastal areas of Kenya and Tanzania.

(Image Credits:  Instagram/sarahc7364)
Thanks to the wide range, the population of these birds is very stable. They are now considered at least risk on the IUCN Red List.

This species prefers living in scrub or open woodland where they dine mainly on insects and other small prey.

(Image Credits: Instagram/chris_stamper_photography)
When the breeding season begins, the female builds her nest in thorny thickets that are a meter or two above the ground. This nest is made from twigs and rootlets and very weak. She then lays 4 eggs in her nest, incubates them, and continues to feed the hatchlings until fully-fledged. Noticeably, both males and females join the parenting.

(Image Credits: Instagram/antongkruger)

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