An Elderly Man Trying To Transfer A Dog In A Baby Carriage

All of us who love animals know what the tenderness and sensitivity that characterizes the relationship with pets means. In a very short time, those wonderful beings with whom we share part of our lives become part of the family, with their own space and customs.

Pets provide us with a permanent and serene company at every stage of life, giving us that feeling of security and genuine affection, without interference or ambiguity, and without imposing another rule than giving and receiving love.

We are born to die, a reality that confronts both humans and pets with the same fate. As the years go by and the age is no longer the same, our movements become slow, we are more prone to contracting diseases, in short, we become physically weak.

In dark and hard times like the ones we have to live in, more than ever we need someone to take care of us and in this story we will see a couple of characters willing to do it until death do them part.

And it is that, recently, some beautiful images have been published that have moved hundreds of users of social networks, starring an old man who is seen pushing a dog into a baby carriage on the way from his home to the vet .

The spoiled little one goes very still inside the cart with his loving friend

The snapshots were captured by a man who met the venerable senior on the way and who was also going to consult with his pet. They were published moments later accompanied by a legend.

“When I was taking my dog ​​to the vet, I saw a grandfather pushing an old dog step by step in a cart. This is what true love looks like. He will not leave it until the end ”, can be read in the publication.

Grandpa, despite being old, cared for his furry companion enough to put himself in his shoes, identify himself, and know that he is weak and unable to walk alone. A beautiful display of empathy and unconditional love that should multiply in all the hearts that inhabit this beautiful blue planet.

The Internet user also made some observations of the moving incident, alluding to the beautiful gesture of the old man when he looked over and over at the cart to make sure the good condition of his old pet.

“Everything will be fine, calm down”

“Grandpa is seen bowing down from time to time to check if the old dog was okay,” the comment reads.

He is even seen gently and lovingly wiping dirt from the corner of her eye and adjusting her position in the stroller to make sure she is as comfortable as possible.

And it is that, just like this sweet grandfather, our pets also love us, unconditionally, without buts, that is why it is so gratifying to share life with them, because they do not judge us, the bond lasts over time and, simply, their reason for Existing focuses on giving us affection and affection without more, whether we deserve it or not.

Share this love story with your loved ones, perhaps the purest, most childish, most poetic, most genuine of all that can be felt in life.

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