An Eagle Poses In Front Of The Camera With The Woman He Perceives As The Great Love Of His Life

Birds can be the most elusive and mistrustful creatures in the animal kingdom, but when treated with love they will always know how to give thanks. It is precisely this response that was encouraged by a Philippine caretaker named Lohwana Halaq, who for 5 years has watched over the care and protection of a rare eagle.

The creature was born in captivity and soon bonded with Halaq.

His name is Sinag, a Philippine eagle who lives in a sanctuary run by The Philippine Eagle Foundation.

There are other specimens of its species in the place, but it turns out that this creature does not get along better with anyone other than its caretaker and a human mother.

“Hey babe, how do I look?”

Although according to caregivers and experts in the field, what really happens is that Sinag has identified the woman as his partner. The relationship he leads and the way he interacts with the young woman is a matter rarely seen.

For her part, Lohwana cares little if this bird considers her his girlfriend or wife. The girl is delighted to be able to carry out her work and performs it with the greatest love and dedication possible.

Sinag seems madly in love with his caregiver.

Halaq knows the difficult situation of these birds that, according to Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources of the Government of the Philippines, is considered one of the largest and longest in the world.

A rather curious suitor that this woman is spending.

In the world there are only about 500 specimens, so the danger of extinction is latent.

“The Philippine eagle faces a danger of extinction due to the loss of its habitat. If this situation persists, the young specimens will not have territory to perpetuate their species. Hunting has also contributed to the decrease of the population ”, informed the Department. of Environment and Natural Resources of the Government of the Philippines.

The naturalness with which Sinag treats her trainer and how confident she looks on camera speaks of a healthy bird and at the same time accustomed to treating humans. But that this does not make us wrong, since this copy is faithful to Halaq and does not intend to replace it.

In the next recording, he is curious and happy, being an eagle protected by his partner in the sanctuary.

Sure there will be more videos about this pair, but for now, we can only thank this girl and all the people who are committed to conservation and make animal rescue their true passion.

They say that love is everywhere so for Sinag there is no impediment to love, share the curious note and send your blessings to this eagle.

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