Amazingly Rare Albino Turtles Look Like Little Reddish Creatures

A turtle that looks like melted cheese? Sounds too interesting to be true, but a farmer in India did encounter such a strange creature. The turtle has the color of cheese and its picture was posted online by someone working at the Indian Forest Service and everyone started to be interested in it.

What gives the turtle this unusual feature is its condition, as it is an Albino flap shell turtle and they can be found in Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka.

Normal flap shell turtles all have dark green or brown colors, but this tiny one is an albino turtle that happened to look just like a slice of melted cheese.

The farmer who found the turtle took it home and then called naturalists to come to his rescue and take him to a safe place.

The amino acid responsible for his condition is called tyrosine, and its lack is what causes the depigmentation.

The tiny turtle that is likely no more than 2 years old, has been released back into the wild by the conservationists and is probably enjoying life in the Asian countryside.

A farmer in India discovered this extremely rare turtle, whose bright yellow color is due to albinism

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